iDECOR is a Hong Kong brand name for stainless steel sinks. The design and manufacturing techniques of iDECOR are from Canada that gives a sense of elegance and expertise. The design of iDECOR sinks is based on western style kitchens that aims at simplicity, aspiring to make better use of kitchen space.

The manufacturing of iDECOR sinks is provided by a Hong Kong based company, Hing Kee Machine Factory, a stainless steel manufacturer with more than thirty years of experience. Its strictly supervised production process is a guarantee for product quality.


iDECOR products use first class steel imported from Japan. Japanese Steel is well-known for its quality and its purity. It never rusts and it gives mirror-like reflection after polishing. This degree of excellence wins over the steel from Korea and most other countries. In the China market, some other brand names of stainless steel sinks use satin finish and the main reason for this is to cover the low purity of steel and scratches made during the moderation process. iDECOR products choose polished finish reveals its high standard of supervision during the production process and its superb quality control.

iDECOR products are moderated after the process of seam-welding using advanced machinery and assembly line production . Benefited from the thirty years experience in strict supervision of the production process from the manufacturer, the products of our company are pushed towards perfection.

iDECOR is a new comer to the China market, in order to gain acceptance and a better position in the market, iDECOR lowers its price in order to attract customers, hoping to increase its competitiveness by selling its high quality stainless steel sinks at a more than reasonable price.

Owing to the frequent co-operation between the manufacturer and foreign companies, our products are examined by different professionals whom strive to maintain the outstanding quality of our products. The styles of the products are also modified constantly according to market demand, aiming to fulfill the requirements of different types of customers.


iDECOR presents a distinctive range of stylish and elegant stainless steel sinks at economical prices to meet the demands of modern kitchens with the strength you need.

iDECOR sinks have the following features:

  • - Manufactured in type 304 18/8 chrome/nickel 1.0mm to 0.8mm think genuine stainless steel.
  • - Dual-tone satin finish.
  • - Supplied with bench top sealant tape fitted to sinks.
  • - Supplied with fixing clips.
  • - Available with outlet hole for basket waste.
  • - Basket wastes available if required.
  • - Each sink is individually packed.
  • - Models are reversible.
  • - All models are nestable and save storage space.
  • - Tap available with hole if required.
  • - Sizes range from 329x251mm to 1220x460mm.
  • - To perfectly suit your kitchens, tailor-made models are available for your special request.

All these features are designed to fit your unique taste and needs of modern kitchens.